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We are all Ramped up!

by Teri Grooms on 04/17/12

Ramps also known as wild leeks, ramson, wood leek or wild garlic. Most popular in the rural south, where festivals celebrating the strange little plant abound, as well as in Quebec, Canada.
 Ramps resemble scallions and are characterized with larger flat light green leaves; the stem can be purple in color. They have a strong garlic and onion flavor and should be used sparingly. Ramps can be used in soups, fried with bacon and potatoes, scrambled with eggs, pickled and used in place of garlic and onions in recipes. 

Quebec ramps are a protected species. Special restrictions apply for the harvest of ramps in Canada. They are not allowed to be served in restaurants, as they are here in the U.S. and are for personal use only. Conservation groups in Maine, Tennessee and West Virginia have classified ramps as a species of special concern and may lead to restrictions on harvest. Ramps have a short season and can be found in markets from March to June or here at the Villa Roma now.

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